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Winter can really be harsh on your hair. That is why my winter regimen is a lot different from my summer regimen. In the winter you have to protect your hair from not only the weather but also what comes along with it. What I mean by that are the hats, scarves, heavy sweaters that might rub up against your hair can cause breakage. The weather plays a part in causing dry hair as well, so moisture is a must. That’s why I have a winter go-to selection of products. I stay away from certain products that I might use more frequently in the summer

I protect my hair with low manipulation styles. The less free hair exposed the better. I also wear a satin lined hat to keep my head warm while not causing too much friction. I move my hair out of the way when I wear wool scarves due to friction as well.  10770016816_IMG_3447

The above Pictures are the products that I’ve been using in a rotation since its gotten cold.

Bask & Bloom gives me optimal moisture and definition. I obtain it by pairing the  Mango  Castor Twisting Creme with the Silky Aloe Pudding. The Silky Aloe Pudding acts as a sealant, sealing in the moisture from both said products. Below is my hair pictured after using both products for a braid out. This particular style lasted me for 9 days. I did not have to refresh my hair at all.


If you would like to save some coins while purchasing use my Promo Code: TIFF20. this code excludes bundle deals.

Next up on my winter rotation; is the New New from Thank God It’s Natural aka TGIN. They recently came out with a reparative line.  Your hair needs moisture but it also needs protein. My hair can be classified as being protein sensitive, However, I’ve noticed that using products with small amounts of protein doesn’t bother my hair. It’s when I pair these said products with products that contain just protein. If I’m going to give myself a protein treatment I stay away from products with protein in it. Getting back to this new line, because I get off topic fairly easy lol. The styling products which are the Leave-In Conditioner, Curl Food and the Serum.  After I used said products my hair was fluffy, defined and moisturized. I went for two weeks with this twist out.


Next Up is Annabelle Perfect Blend Passionfruit Leave-in Serum & Moisturizing Curl Creme. My first time using these products were in January it left me SHOOK. Now a lot of my curl friends has ranted and raved about this line, but the way my twist out showed up and showed out was undeniable. My definition in the pick below has never been obtained before. I plan on purchasing more products from this brand and doing a review very soon.


Last but not Least Taliah Waajid Apple & Aloe Curl Definer gave me shocking results as well. Creams do not usually define my hair like how gels do. When applying this cream my curls began to clump. I might have to even try this for a wash and go. Below is my hair pictured with the twist using this product, and also with the twist out.  Both shots illustrate how moisturized and define my hair was. This product instantly made a spot on my top shelf of products lol.


If you have low porosity hair like myself, or you just want more moisturizing products. I think the products I’ve listed can help you out a lot. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products. Have you been having a hard time with dry hair? Maybe we can establish a regimen that will work well for you. Remember trial and error is how we see progress. My hair did not look like this at the beginning of my natural hair journey. Stay the course and be patient and most of all stay consistent.


11 thoughts on “Winter go to products

  1. I loved this!! Your results speak for themselves! You already know I’m huge fan of Bask and Bloom! I’ve heard a lot about that TGIN line, I’m product sensitive as well. I’ll definitely check it out. Annabelle’s passion fruit line though!!! It’s amazing! Love her products too. Great post love!


  2. Your results are always bomb 👌🏽 I love using Bask & Bloom products. I haven’t tried the Mango Cream yet but I plan on it soon!


  3. My hair is protein sensitive as well. I try to find a healthy balance between mositure and protein. Your hair is soo healthy and shiny.


  4. Thank you for this phenomenal topic. I too am low porosity with thinning hair at the top. Bask and Bloom is my go to. I’m going to look into the other products you’ve mentioned. I’ve recently purchased products from Product Junkie Natural, waiting for their low porosity line to arrive. Again thank you, sis so much. We all in this natural journey together.


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