Sensitive Skin Types Collab


Before we start on some must have tips for that beautiful skin of yours, I want to announce that this is a collaboration post. I collaborated with Madisen from Naturally_Madisen to bring you two types of sensitive skin types. As you all may know I have oily sensitive skin so that’s what I will be discussing, and Madisen will be discussing for those with dry sensitive skin.

Although we both have sensitive skin we are dealing with different concerns and we want to share those tips so you can achieve glowing clear skin!  Make sure you check out her Blog Post ( Naturally Madisen )  and subscribe to her blog for more content.


So lets get into these simple TIPS!!!!!!!!!!



I use this technique especially when I have on makeup all day. But I also noticed that it doesn’t hurt to double cleanse just because with oily skin. I use moisturizing cleansers, so double cleansing doesn’t necessarily hurt. I feel it gets all the excess sebum and dirt off . With oily skin and acne prone skin you want to make sure you’re cleansing properly. So try put double cleansing for a 2 weeks and let me know if you seen a difference in your oily skin?



I wasn’t clear how important this was for me, but now I do it 3x a week. try to use a gentle exfoliator, because this can damage or help your skin. I use Exfolikate from Kate Sommerville. It’s so refreshing and my skin literally starts glowing instantly. You may not need to use it 3x a week. My biggest tip is paying attention to what your skin likes.



Please change your pillowcases often ( by often every couple of days). I might be excessive I switch them out daily. But I really feel like it has helped with my skincare regimen. Laying your face on anything dirty will just set you back. Change those linens often and see a change Trust sis

4. Moisturizing

Most people with oily skin will say they skip moisturizing because they’re oily anyway. I’m here to tell you STOP!!!!!!!  Moisturizing your face actually helps with restoring the Ph balance and the over production of sebum. I would only suggest you use oil free moisturizers.

To see my routine and products that I used to help my oily acne prone skin read here 


5 thoughts on “Sensitive Skin Types Collab

  1. Great post and tips sis! It’s crazy how different our routines are when we both have sensitive skin. I’m glad we collaborated on this!


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