Are You Letting Social Media Decide Your Happiness


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Social Media was put in place to network and to help keep people connected. Especially when we went off to college and separated from people we spent so much of our life with. I remember when Facebook started I was in my Freshman in undergrad. We would find out what college was throwing a dope party on Thursday nights. Yea Thursday was party night at my college. We would see who was dating who and link up on summer breaks. Facebook began to change when they started letting everybody and they mother in (LMBO). I began to see so many post where people told too much of their business, woe is me (syndrome) began and don’t let me get started with the fight videos, and helpless people needing help and people just recording videos (all this in the hopes of going viral). Our human way to empathize has really gone out of the window. Yes, I know we have freedom of speech but so much is being said that would not be told in real life, because it’s so easy to hide behind a keyboard or phone. In this Post I’m going to talk about how we can use social media without it taking over our lives.



I know we all do not plan to be on social media as much as we truly are. But lets be honest  you get on and you get to scrolling and scrolling and then look up to realize you’ve  been on Instagram for 2 hrs (HOW SWAY). So here’s what I do

  • Post Engage & Get Off: Ive been Posting my content, engaging with the first few comments, scroll for a few minutes, engage with post on my feed, and then I get off. This helps you be diligent with planning, creating and pitching for more content as well as it gives you a balance to tap into your creative side.
  • If you have an iPhone you can go to your instagram and in the settings there’s an activity section. In that section is where you can manage your time, Set daily reminders, and put a notification setting. You can also track your daily average of how long you’re on the app.


2. Do You Find Yourself Comparing Yourself To Others:

If you find yourself doing this, get off the app and start to tap into what you want for yourself, and how  you see yourself. It’s bigger than instagram. Nobody should make you feel like you have to compare yourself to them (and they do not even know you’re doing it). That’s a problem you’re dealing with internally. It’s time to take a break, regroup and focus on what truly makes you happy.

  • Take time with your family and friends so you can release this pressures that society placed on you inadvertently
  • Focus on what you’re bringing to the table. Everyone has a different avenue that they’re trying to convey  to their audience. What you are creating may not be the same and in my opinion thats what will make you stand out.
  • Find your why, why are you creating the content, are you truly trying to help people or are u just looking for a fast buck. My Why: I’m just a person who likes to help people ( hence why I’m a nurse) I created this platform to help women tap into their natural beauty, I want mothers to feel like they’re doing a good job their way ,I want to help inspire people to be their Great Self.

3.What if Social Media Is Your Job:

If social media is your job then you really should be using your time very wisely. Less scrolling and more creating as Marrica Evans would say. You believe in your content enough to post and get off in a few minutes, in order to create more bomb content. You should  set a day to do administrative work (if you do not have a manger)such as : creating invoices, sending pitches and responding to emails, working on your brand, creating or editing content, and somewhere in there educating yourself more on your craft. My day is Mondays, I re-group from the weekend and check off a lot from my to do list. If you work a full-time job your days may be on Sat-Sun ( thats when you probably create as well). Luckily for me I do 12hr shift typically towards the end of the week. I create two days during the week in bulk. But I will leave that for a separate post later down the line.


If you find yourself comparing yourself, ask yourself why? And tackle it. I know it’s not easy this day in age because we all want nice things, to have the perfect career, make lots of money (because somehow that equals happiness), and be beautiful (even if that means going under the knife). It shouldn’t be this stressful to live. Tell me how you feel about this in the comments


14 thoughts on “Are You Letting Social Media Decide Your Happiness

  1. I agree its easy to get carried away on social media and the comparison is a real life struggle but once you tap into your own inner peace and what you are blessed with it really can be easier to see and deal with. Great post Tiffany!


  2. I agree with all the advice you gave! There have been plenty of times when I had to log off and regroup because I was comparing myself. Honestly sometimes it can be hard not to, but I’ve gotten much better!


    1. I think some people do this. But when you start to really enjoy what you do and love on the people who show you support. All else doesn’t matter even engagement if a brand loves your work regardless of the following they will work with you


  3. Great post! I honestly don’t let social media decide my happiness. If there are people that make me feel some type of way, I just hit that unfollow button and I feel much better. I am guilty sometimes of scrolling a little too long but I’m working on it lol!


  4. Great post. Social media can consume you and you have some great tips on how to not let it consume you. I like the tip about posting your content, respond to a few comments and then get off.


  5. Wonderful post. I find myself consumed by social media. I’ve logged out of Facebook altogether and starting to limit my time on instagram. Thank you for sharing this beautiful article with us.


  6. I agree with everything in this post, especially when it comes to comparing yourself to others. That’s the most discouraging thing you can do as a Blogger and it may make you feel like you’re not good enough or doing enough. Taking a break and focusing on your life outside of social media is important. Great post sis!


  7. I need to incorporate an Admin Day. I always feel behind, especially with keeping up with my other social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and now my new blog.

    It never occurred to me to just have one day to take care of admin stuff for my brand.

    Thank you Tiff!!


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