Mented Cosmetic Foundation Sticks, Is it Worth it



Hello Family

I know its been a minute since my last blog post, but when you are mentally checked out you’re no good to anyone else. So although I’m not all the way together, I’m working on it. Receiving new beauty products can cheer any girl up. I collaborated with Mented Cosmetics to review their new Foundation Sticks called Skin. The purpose of this line is to give you the shades you need for your melanin skin. It is also to give you that beautiful full coverage without it feeling like you have foundation on.

Here are my thoughts:

  1. I have very oily skin so I usually reach for foundation that have a matte finish.Even with a matte finish I still need to use translucent powder to set the foundation. I also finish it with Urban Decay All Nighter finishing make up spray. I feel that this foundation has moisturizing agents which is great for those with dry skin. After I applied the foundation and set my face I had a dewy look. Which I would be okay with if I wasn’t so oily. Within an hour I was so oily it looked like I had ran a track about 3 times. I don’t think it was mented fault. I just have very oily skin.
  2. They sent me 4 foundation sticks so I can choose my color. I chose  M10 it has an orange undertone, but didn’t make me look orange. For the concealer I used T20 I loved how it blended with foundation of choice. What I’ve been using for my contour is the shade D30
  3. I will say I love how the foundation sticks melted into my skin and blended so well with the concealer, and the contour shade. I also loved how my finished look came out after using my translucent powder as a base prior to applying the foundation sticks. I was told by two curl friends about the powder trick for oily skin. And boy has it been a game changer this summer.

Overall I love all of Mented cosmetics products;  it’s a great choice for those who love natural products and still want to wear make-up. I also love how the texture of the foundation makes it feel like you have no makeup on. Have you tried any products from this brand? If so tell me your thoughts below.  Go to my instagram to see how the application came out on me Tiffofalltrades Instagram

4 thoughts on “Mented Cosmetic Foundation Sticks, Is it Worth it

  1. I’ve been wanting to try this brand for awhile now and from seeing your review I’ll definitely check them out. I’ve never understood stick foundations but it looks interesting and the colors you used blended perfectly in your video. I love how easy it looked to apply it rather than using a powder or liquid. Great review sis!


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