What Does It Take to Land Partnerships

I said I wouldn’t give anymore tips on being an “influencer” because I don’t see myself as that. I’m not obsessed with my following and numbers. I am obsessed with making genuine connections with people, networking and working with brands I truly love, or that will bring value to my supporters. I will say that there’s so much going on in this community and it’s not all negative. I’ve learned to stay positive, research and curate my instagram based on what I want to gain from it. I’m in a place in life where no negativity at all shall live. So unfortunately  if I follow people who I’m not inspire by one way or another they eventually get deleted.  I’ve had people ask me how do you do so many things , and to be honest I learn as I go. I don’t have this whole thing figured out. If I  did I think I would be a mega-influencer by now. What I do know is that I’m passionate about what I do, I enjoy it, and it bring me happiness and peace in a world of chaos and stress. So I thought to share with you some information I’ve stumbled upon.





If you know what topic you want to blog or blog about you are already half way there. For me it gets interesting, because I have several niches I love beauty, natural hair & lifestyle. Some of my supporters may only follow me because of my hair post, which makes for lower engagement on my lifestyle post. So I try to curate images that will grab their attention when doing lifestyle post. The more you talk about and post about the topic and use relevant hashtags the more those brands will seek you out.  Just as long as your content is bright clear and of good quality. It may seem slow like you’re posting for nothing, but you’re posting for something the audience you have right now. Poor into them and be authentic and genuine, it will all fall into place I PROMISE.  Last but not least when curating your feed be consistent . Which doesn’t mean posting every single day being consistent can mean you post twice a week every week and your supporters are basically trained to know that. They are expecting those two bomb post a week. Some people that I personally look up to and are inspired by based on what they bring towards their brand are: Dayna  Bolden and Mattie James. I aspire on being a blogger that can talk about different topics/niche  and execute them all so well.




This is the most talked about topic in this community. Why? Nothing in this world is for free( insert sarcasm). So we thought! I’ve noticed while working with numerous brands I’ve had to try different tactics. To be honest all the big brands I’ve worked with in the natural hair community basically asked me my price and we went on to signing contracts and handing over the deliverables.  Sounds easy right?  Then you have the brands that are clearly shopping around for the lowest selling influencer (LOL) I laugh at myself.  They hop in your e-mail and the communication is happening y’all are emailing each other back and forth at the speed of light. Then suddenly a huge thrust a wind comes in and everything abruptly stops. You gave your price and they are no longer interested. That wound hurts I know, but guess what get use to it , or ask them what will work for them based on what you are trying to deliver for them. Maybe you can both come to an agreement that benefits the both of you. You may get no’s based on your price and that simply means that collaboration was not meant for you. That doesn’t mean you will never work with that brand either. They may really be over budget for that months campaign. If a brand pitches you and talks about how much they love your work and so on and so forth, you give your price at the end of your email say I look forward to discussing more into depth if necessary.  So you can submit room for negotiation. I know most people are set on my price is my price and that’s why some brand leave after getting an amount out of their ball park. Some feel that it’s non-negotiable and they understand this is how you eat. What I have been doing that has been working for me is when a brand contacts me asking for info a bout doing a campaign I give them options since they’re going shopping lol. For example if a skincare brand wants an IG video I say , I can provide 60 sec IG self care video. I will be showcasing how I use each products in a natural setting. How I would wake up , and start my day . Anyone can make a video but why should they choose you to pay to make that video is the question, they are asking themselves. I also list out what I offer so they can choose what they want based on what they can afford. They may not be able to do a video within their budget, however s a static photo may be in their price range. Send your rate card or media kit after having a discussion. I don’t suggest sending your media kit with your pitch, let them get a feel for you.  I get plenty of  no’s or no response at all , I  don’t let it stop me! I stay positive and continue to create. Most of the Time they come back and by then the price has gone up, because you’re steadily growing. Now for actual prices, you have to come up with that on your own. How much do you think you’re worth based on your creativity, quality, investment in the equipment purchased, engagement, conversion rates and reach. I went to social bluebook to get a ball park on what I should be charging per post. I then added some tax because I believe I’m worth it. And so does every brand I’ve worked with , because they paid it. Not every collaboration convo will end with you getting paid , and with a yes.  Until you realize that this may be very hard for you. Just because your influencer friend landed that deal does not mean you will. Every brand is looking for something in particular. Some are looking at follower numbers engagement, creativity, your energy in the videos, your personality and honestly some are looking for a particular look. Just because you make videos doesn’t mean you’re an exact fit. Try not to take everything personal. Some months I may have 4 hair paid partnerships, and then some like now there’s not a lot going around. I love sharing a lot of lifestyle post so if you haven’t noticed  my page has been giving you everyday things you can use in life. I just added my Lifestyle niche and the engagement is not as large as my hair post, because my niche was hair. Slowly it will rise just as long as you are bringing content that interest your audience, and eventually you will gain a new audience based on those post. I enjoy lifestyle because I believe I have so much to offer you all.  And I hope you’re enjoying it too.



There’s multiple times during the year that you can buy equipment and save a whole lot of your money. If you’re on a budget like myself. When I started I didn’t want to really take from my household. So what I did was work with brands traveling do expos refer to my previous post to hear how you can go about doing that. I saved up enough to buy a camera and laptop. I bought my camera on Black Friday  I saved $300. Any savings would be a win in my book. I plan on purchasing new lens in November for my camera with money I received from paid partnerships. Another time is back to school if you’re looking to purchase a MacBook Apple has great deals where you can get a printer for free or an iPad at a discounted rate. Best Buy usually has sales around back to school on MacBooks too.




For those who feel discouraged with pitching to brands. They have what they call influencer platforms. Some of them have follower guidelines and engagement guidelines. nI’m going to list and link some that I found while researching this journey. I spend a lot of time on google, Pinterest and reading when I’m to creating, working or being a mom and wife. Below are some platforms I ran across. Some I have used and others I haven’t as of yet due to not meeting certain qualifications.


  1. Activate Social
  2. Aspireiq
  3. Indahash
  4. Massive Sway
  5. Tapinfluence


I’ve worked with 3 of the 5 of these platforms and I really like 2 of them Aspire Iq and Activate Social. I’m still researching And trying out the other platforms. As I learn more and what has helped me, the more I will share. You too can find platforms by googling and going on Pinterest. Just remember these companies will not consider you unless your page illustrates that niche. They need to see that you and your audience has an interest in the type of product you’re applying for. I only apply for campaigns that I truly think I would love or more audience. Especially if its in my niche and I’ve talked about specific ingredients or something simlilar to the product in question.



I hope this post has helped you out some or gave you more clarity in your mission to becoming the best inspirer to your audience. Feel free to add any information you have learned or platforms that have worked for you. My space is all about sharing info. No one can take a campaign from you always remember your SECRET SAUCE IS YOU!


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