Whats Stopping You From Going After Your Dreams?


Hey y’all this is a topic I want to talk about, because I see so many people have so many excuses as to why they are not living up to their full potential. I don’t know if any of you ever seen that meme where they said while you’re scared of going after what you want, someone is intimidated by your potential. I might’ve changed it a little.However, this is the truth some people will say you’re doing great at something although it might be mediocre and you could do better. Just so they can keep you at that level. I know you all know that other term, they want to see yo do good, but not better than them. Choose people that will push you, people that will make you feel uncomfortable in order for you to push out what you’re capable of. I love to surround myself with honest people, people who have my best intentions, people that are going after their dreams unapologetically. Those type of people inspire me tremendously. Those are my people , you feel me lol. So lets talk about these roadblocks, setbacks and just plain right procrastination .



Are They Really Road blocks?

I feel like in life things happen that can take us off task. Those things can set us back or just plane right knock us off course. what do you do when you hit a road block? Do you give up? Or do you work around that block and get back on course? You choose the trajectory in your path to wherever it is you’re trying to go. I know when things get hard I sometimes shut-down, which is such a bad habit. The difference is I may put it aside but I come back to it now, and finish off strong. The goal is to not stay down, we are all going to fall and have bad days, but the key is to not stay there. The road blocks Ive dealt with since starting my journey have been crazy. Financially I wasn’t able to take from my household, between the kids extra-curricular activities and needs ( I have 4 btw), Household needs and bills, and other things adults do. So I decided to pitch and work events to gain the money I need to start buying equipment. That was the best decision I’ve made towards my business. I don’t do a whole lot of overtime because my job can be very stressful mentally and physically. I’ve slowed down a lot and not all by choice. Last year I got really sick trying to work over 40 hrs a week, create content, and travel for events. I was down with the flu and pneumonia for 3 months. I realized that I have to take care of me. Because this will not be possible if I’m sick or even gone. Road blocks are just a setup to add character. It humbles you, because if your spoon-feed everything what is there really to be proud of? That hardworking you put in will be worth it.



Procrastination is the main problem:

Did you all laugh out loud because you know this is you? Man Listen!!!! I know I procrastinate. We have people that say they don’t have this so they can’t start, We have the researchers that want to make sure they know EVERYTHING before they start, and then we have the people who just keep putting it off for any excuse in the book. That my friend is called a serial procrastinator, I might’ve made that up, but it could potentially be a thing if you ask me. It can lead you down a path where you regret not starting when you should have. All those people who have done this , has ended up being a mogul in their career. Once you gain the confidence to start something nothing could stop you but you. Whats for you no person can take that away but you. We are our own worse enemies and the way to combat this procrastination is to set up a plan. Write down your goals and plan them. This can hold you accountable. Also you may have people that are in the same industry that can  hold you accountable (accountability partner). I hope these suggestions help.


Comparison the thief of joy

Last but not least we are going to talk about Comparing yourself to what others have going on. What others are doing in their lives is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS SIS. This is so important because this is the reason why you cannot focus completely on what you have going on. This is why you procrastinate  and have setbacks. They can all come together because you aren’t putting your all into yourself. With that being said, if you find yourself comparing your life to someone you do not even know, you have an even bigger issue at hand. I spoke about this on my social media blog post in spring. Please do not compare your journey with another persons journey we all have seasons. You want abundance then speak abundance into your life along with putting in the work. Create whatever it is you’re creating authentically for you and your potential clients, audience or customers. What sets you apart from everyone else, is that you’re YOU.

8 thoughts on “Whats Stopping You From Going After Your Dreams?

  1. I just wanna say that this blog post really hurt my feelings and I’m gonna go ahead and get my life together since you wanna yell at me sooooo bad😂😭. Great post sis❤


  2. I love how you are telling people to go for their dreams and reach for it!! Like you said don’t let nobody stop you from reaching your goals


  3. I needed to read this blog post today. I know I need to stop procrastinating—I do so well for a few days but then go right back to being lazy lol then I complain about having nothing done. I’m working on that daily because it feels good when you’re on track and caught up with everything. Comparison has also discouraged me on my blogging journey many times, but once I started paying attention to myself and what I do, that’s when I started seeing growth and feel happy. Great post sis ♥️


  4. I am such a procrastinator and always comparing myself to others but sometime you need that reminder to not let those things block you from being great. Thank you for the reminder!


  5. Great article, Tiff. Continue to lift us up, set us straight and encourage us to do our very best. I’m guilty of procrastination. I’m working on not allowing it to control my flow. Keep doing you, Tiff.


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