Have You Identified Your Niche?



This is a subject I get a lot of Dm’s about. Unfortunately this is a decision based off of what you are trying to share with your community. What are you the most passionate about sharing? Why are you going to start this platform? These are great questions to start your venture. These are also great questions for when you start feeling discouraged during your journey. My Niche started as my Natural Hair Journey but there’s so much more to me than my hair. I’ve always received parenting questions since I was younger, I get a lot of questions on my style, I’ve also received a lot of questions on marriage. So I decided to share it all. I think that some of these niches can work on the same platform, However, I’m thinking about making a separate IG page on family and parenting. I may do this in order to attract the right audience to each channel.


I will not take too much of your time, but I will identify the different Niches below and you can see which niche fits your ideas the best. I was never one to live by the rules. That’s not something to brag about, but I hate the feeling of feeling boxed in.  So I share lifestyle, hair, beauty and some children stuff.



Natural Hair is a niche of its own, but can be in it’s own category or sub-categorized in beauty.  Most products for natural hair can be found in the beauty aisle. Because this category is growing so widely most stores have us in a separate aisle. Look at us moving on up in the world. But like I said before you can play around with beauty and natural hair in this category , as it all comes together.




Beauty can also be categorized as makeup and skincare. Beauty Influencers are people such as @Makeupbyshayla @Princessbella @Jackiena etc… You get my drift. They duo skincare and makeup. I see them step out in fashion at times as well. All of them have their own makeup via brands they’ve collabed with. Those are serious goals ain’t it?



Now this is a huge niche that can be broken into multiple genres. Lifestyle can be food you eat during the week thats fast with healthy options , it can be wellness, family outings, date night options. I mean theres a plethora of options which makes this genre very vague.


Health & Fitness:

Health and fitness canary from the author speaking about healthy options for food, skincare, wellness. Fitness can give you options on exercises, supplements and regimens that can go hand in hand with your health and overall fitness goals.




These are just some examples of Niches (Topics) that can give you an idea of what path you want to take based on your passion. I’ve always loved hair. I use to do my friends hair for big events at school. Flat twist with the butterfly clips use to be popping back in the day. I was your girl to get you there lol. I wanted to do Cosmetology but my mother wanted me to focus on my AP Classes. And look I’m still messing around in some hair after getting my Nursing License. Figure out your niche and just start with what you have. Everything else will come with time.

4 thoughts on “Have You Identified Your Niche?

  1. Great post sis! In the beginning, I felt like I had to only have one niche for my page and blog. At one point I was only posting about my natural hair and texture shots, but I started getting bored and had a hard time thinking of new content. That’s why I’m happy that I stepped out into skincare, a little makeup, and Lifestyle. Like you said, you’re more than just your hair and I feel the same way!


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