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For those of you who are a part of my Instagram Crew you may know that I receive a fabfitfun box every season. I use two subscription boxes  that satisfies my need to try new products. I always end up very satisfied with what I receive . I spend a total of $70 for both subscriptions and I receive over $400 worth of new products that I use on the daily. I’m going to break down my fall box for you and tell you what makes me renew every month. My Past box I received facial masks, New ;lotions by brands like Aveda,  Ahava, African Botanics, Human + Kind, Sol de Janeiro, and many many more. The best thing about the FabFitFun Box is the opportunity to customize your box. You can literally pick 4 items you definitely want in your box. I’m going to break my fall box down which I did forget to customize, however, I’m still satisfied with what I received.


Fall Summer Box 2019:


The best part about this box is that it takes care of all my self-care needs. I’m definitely a self-care enthusiast. Taking a few minutes out of your day to do something for you is so essential for your mental and physical health. I love to unwind use a face mask, light a candle, take a hot bath, exfoliate and butter my body up with new body butters or creams. It relaxes me and makes me feel great about myself. Not to mention Hubby loves it too,who doesn’t love a women who takes care of herself and smells good. So here are some goodies I received in this months Fabfit Fun Box:


AVEDA -Damage Remedy

This is a daily hair repair that protects your hair from heat styling. I know the winter is approaching and a lot of my natural curly and oily hair sisters may partake in some heat styling. For those who already flat iron and relax their hair, this may be something you may be interested in. I have not tried it yet, however I do know that avid makes great hair products not only geared towards a specific race. I’ve actually tried other products from this brand suggested by Moknowshair.



Harper & Ari- Exfoliating Sugar Cubes:

I love a good body exfoliating session. It leaves your body feeling so smooth. You only need one cube to take in the shower. Once in the shower you will began exfoliating wet skin targeting dry or rough spots. This particular one reminds me of the cucumber melon scent. A little goes a long way and half of a cube exfoliated my whole body. I recommend exfoliating twice a week unless for other reasons you may do them more often. This is used for your body.



Human & Kind- Creme Soufflee:

I tend to use creams and lotion during the day to moisturize my body and save my pricey butters for nighttime moisturizing. I tend to see using butter at night seals in the moisture for the next day even after showering and applying lotion. This cream has light but sweet scent. this cream does absorb into your skin almost immediately. I’ve been using it for the past week and my sensitive skin has not had any outbreaks or reactions. I would like to try other scents in the future.


Aromatherapy Associates- Deep Relax Roller Ball:

I already told you that your self-care routine will be turned up a notch with some of the goodies you receive in this box. With this being an immediate fave. This aromatherapy roll on I’ve been using after getting out of the shower. I roll a little on my pulse point, the targeted ones I choose are my radial pulse, temporal pulse (on my lateral forehead), and carotid pulse (on my neck underneath my ear). After placing this oil I light my candle play soft music and head into a deep slumber.


Plush- Ultra soft plaid scarf:

What’s the first thing my fellow n naturals thought about when you seen this scarf? I don’t know about you but I instantly thought ooooooo I can use this as a head wrap ( Don’t Judge me) But for real the temperatures will drop and a trendy warm scarf is always in. Whether it’s to keep your head warm and stylish or your neck. This is what I love the most about the box, receiving items I can definitely use during that particular season.



Twine Living Co.- Gourmet Wood & Ceramic Cheese Board Gift Set:

I could appreciate this because I’m always looking for new items for my kitchen and for when I entertain guest. However, if this just ain’t your thang. You can always choose to customize your products like I talked about earlier in this article. You can pick more beauty products or lotions. However as a content creator and mom I’m like omg this will be such a beautiful photo op for my cheese and fruits snack. I’m actually in love with it.


Epare- Grinder ( salt and black pepper):

Another kitchen product that made me squeal. I love it once again because its fancy and I’m here for fancy kitchen items. It’s stainless steel and you can refill it once it’s empty. It also looks great with the rest of my tools in the kitchen lol. It’s the little things I tell you. Once again you can customize your box. So if you do not want kitchen items you can make that happen.


Baublebar- Farah Ear Crawlers:

Now I love dainty jewelry, especially beautiful unique pieces I can use while creating content, or when I’m out on the town with the husband. This screams classy hot date and also a piece I can wear casually.



I hope you all enjoyed my review and breakdown of this seasons FabFitFun box. Next month I’ll show you a snippet on my Instagram; on how I customize my box to my liking. In the meantime oil you’re anything like me and you like trying new products and self care. However, you still like to save your coins. This is something you may be interested in. To check out more offers on FabFitFun use Promo Code : Autumn10 to save 10% off your box.

3 thoughts on “Have You Tried FabFitFun

  1. Thank you for putting this together. I’ve been on the fence about whether or not FabFitFun is worth it. Im glad to see that it keeps you coming back. I must try the sugar scrub cubes.


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