Is there such a thing called  “Balance” in your life.  This is a discussion I want to speak. about, because many people ask me how do you balance so much work, mom ,wife, and entrepreneur. The answer is included in this post. Wouldn’t say it’s a balance, but I will say there’s a system.


Coming Up With A System:

The first thing I will say is write down all that you want to accomplish for that week. After you have written down everything , start to prioritize the urgency on when and how to get these things done. Start with your most important priority to your lowest priority.  Then apply those task day by day until you get those task completed. Every week start it off this way, and you will be surprised on how productive you become.



Setting Realistic Goals:

What makes your goal realistic? When I say this, I mean not putting more on yourself than you have to. If you know you work 12 hr shifts 4 days a week, don’t add 12 time consuming items on those days. Not only will it cause anxiety, but the likelihood  of you completing those tasks are very small. It will basically set you up for failure. And what comes with the though of failure is sadness, and what does sadness cause lack of motivation. And we don’t need that in the year 2020 and moving forward. So with that being said, if this is something new for you I suggest start off. by making small daily list and add more based off of how you did with the previous ones. Another important thing I do not want you to get con some with finishing your list, if life happens and you can’t get to the lower priority task leave it for the next day and so on and so forth.



Curating Healthy Relationships:

Now as we become adults and create our own families, you may feel like life is tugging you so many different directions. That’s why it’s great to have a circle of friends  that are understanding, that root for you, pray with you, and want to see you succeed. I’m not talking about the friends that some of you have that don’t even like you , who Low key throws jabs at you, or deflects their problems on you. Those are not your friends, love them and pray for them from afar. You do not need that type of energy when trying to find your balance or system through life. I suggest you grab start gravitating to the friends that have a similar mindset and goals as you. It will make conversations about life go easier. Most times they can understand , because they want the same out of life. Not saying you can’t have friends who think differently, or doesn’t want to be an entrepreneur. But group your friends sis!!!! I have my friends that I talk about just in general life situations, but I may not go into depth about the business aspect , because they don’t understand where I may be coming from. Then I have my friends that are entreprenuers that I can share ideas with and learn other important things from.




I think these topic s that I highlighted will get you way on your way at having a balance or system . Have you tried these methods already? and has it helped? If you haven’t tried this are you willing to?



  1. You made some great points in this post. One thing I’m working on this year is not putting too much on my plate that I won’t be able to handle. I tend to overbook and overwork myself and then I end up getting burnt out. I finally have a planner so I’ll be using that to organized my goals and will start small. I also agree about being mindful about the friendships you have. They can truly have an impact on your life. I have a circle of friends who are like-minded, have good energy, and root for each other.


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