5 Easy Tips To Eating Healthy On Budget

For those of you who are a part of my InstaStory Crew you already know that I’m on a journey to get fit and healthy. Before the New Year I signed up to a local gym and began that journey. I had to halt my work out because my health was starting to kick my butt. had the flu, became septic with another infection and its took two months to get better. I enjoyed the holidays and came back swinging. Things happen to disrupt our lives, but its up to us to push through it. So below I will be giving you some tips to being healthy on a budget. I have 4 kids, saving and you know healthy can equal more expensive.



  1. Choice in Supermarket:

When it comes to my produce, nuts and grains I go to Sprouts. I researched which stores in my are had the cheapest and freshest Produce, Grains, Essentia Water and Nuts. And Sprouts was the winner. I know some people will say this is too much work but it works. I also go to Walmart to purchase the rest of my groceries and household items. I go to Sams Club to get all my meat and Salmon way cheaper and I get more for my money. So what I typically do is Sams Club first where I stock up on meat and other big items for the month, Sprouts for the items mentioned above, and Walmart last on a different day for the rest of the things I need.



2. Protein:

I know you see a lot of people on their fitness journey talking about whey protein, protein this , protein that. The truth is protein can be found in food. I do use vegan protein because I do not eat a lot of dairy. My choice in vegan protein is the Sprouts Brand its cheaper and it does the job. However, when I run out unexpectedly or pinching for cash. I simply just add Almond Butter or Peanut Butter to my smoothies. These two items are protein and does not cost $25 a jar. Just scoop you up a nice amount throw it in your smoothie and be on your merrily way. I also do this when I need a snack and don’t want to eat junk food. I’ll taste the sweetness of the fruit, peanut butter and if you want to get real crafty add a little pinch of chocolate protein powder or dark chocolate.




3. Plan Your Meals:

I’m big on this I plan my meals for the week. Typically on Sundays I prepare two meats and sides so that we have food for at least 3 days. I freeze already dished out meals that I will not busing in the next two days. I do that to decrease the amount of colonization of bacteria. Yea that’s thing leftovers are all good but just make sure you freeze them to keep them fresh. This allows you more time to get things done during the week, and it will keep you on tract with your fitness goals.




4. Pack Your Lunch:

you know what your mother use to say “we got food at home” keep that energy when you go to work. eating out less can make for more income in buying those healthy foods, or a vacation (your choice) . Pack your lunch the day before work put one of your frozen meals, healthy snacks, recommended amount of water. This will help you to not cave in and go to Mcdonalds or any other place.



5. Shop For Produce In The Season You’re In:

Shopping for produce in the current season you’re in could be less expensive. We are Currently in winter “sometimes”  I say that because the temperature has been fluctuating a lot. However here are list of produce thats in season that you can choose: Brussel Sprouts, Carrots, Pomegranate, Winter Squash, Parsnip,Turnips, Cauliflower,Cabbage, Broccoli, Celery, Apples, etc.



I hope you take away from this that it can be less expensive to eat healthy if you know more facts about how to shop and incorporate your food. Use more of the less expensive products in your routine like eggs, or lentil and grains. picking the right places to shop, even incorporating coupons can help. I hope this helps you out on your journey.  Do you have any additional information that can help? Please share we can all learn from each other.


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