3 Things To Do to Remain Whole During a Crazy 2020

I know there’s been a lot going on since March. OH BOY!!!!! has it been a cray few months , that’s starting to feel like a whole year. I would say it will get easier , but the truth is some days will be great and other days not so great. I want to give you some insight on how I’ve been coping. As many of you may already know, I’m a nurse that has taken care of COVID-19 Patients. The truth is this virus is so real and can be very debilitating to our body. I’ve seen Patients survive COVID, and all some Patients being diagnosed with other infectious wounds that can have them on their death beds. Patients that need full body rehabilitation to gain back strength that they loss from being in the bed for weeks. Some patients even suffered circulation problems and have to continue to be on Oxygen after being discharged. It saddens me to see all of this firsthand, then watch people travel still and visit family members, because they feel they can’t get it or the , “It won’t happen to me ” feelings. The truth of the matter is you can be a carrier a host and you can spread to your loved ones with weaker immune systems. I know we all have to live our lives as we see fit. But we will never flatten the curve if we continue to have selfish attitudes, like I’m good so we good. On top of dealing with a Pandemic that has changed a lot of our lives ( loss wages, unemployment’s, deaths of family and friends, seclusion, loneliness, mental health issues). The world has awaken to the brutality and systemic racism Black people have been dealing with all of our lives, our ancestors lives, and the ones before that. The truth is so many people are home now and have no reason to not see what’s going on. I’ve dealt with racism in the school system at the ripe age of 7 growing up in Queens NY. I went to school in a predominantly white neighborhood and was told that I would never be a Doctor or Nurse by my Teacher. I went home and told my mother and father. I also got made fun of by the white kids because of the complexion of my skin. My mother would reiterate to me constantly on how beautiful I was. See it was hard for me to understand that because every female in my family that I looked up to was fair skin. My mom made sure to build up my self esteem constantly , putting me in dance school which helped me gain confidence and taught me how to express myself through my art. So now we are here Content Creator, that loves her family with everything in me, and a “hero” healthcare worker.



1. Find A Way To Get Your Thoughts Out Of Your Head :




The way I do this is by Journaling. Journaling doesn’t just get my thoughts out of my head but it helps me gather my thoughts . It helps me kind of make sense of it. This also helps me before having tough conversations with people. The content comes out so much better when u can get your feelings together. It makes for a great foundation for communication.


Praying to God is what I also do multiple times of the day. I pray when I wake up and go to sleep, I also pray before heading into work, I pray for the Lord to use me. It can be a stressful environment. Asking the Lord to guide and use me on a daily is what I strive to do. Now do not get me wrong, some days can be hard even when I pray.



  • Positive Affirmation:

When praying and circumstances seem to not work. I speak positive affirmations outlaid to myself. I will say thing such as:

  • You Got This , You Always Prevail
  • You Are Amazing, You Have What It Takes
  • Pick Up Your Chin And Be Great
  • Not Every Bad Situation Defines You

Speaking Life into yourself is so important. You have to be your own biggest cheerleader when there’s no one to do it for you. We shouldn’t even expect others to do that for us. We have to create our own happiness and space of peace.


2. Do Something That Makes You Happy :



  • New Plant Mom:

I recently became a plant mom. I started off with a snake plant (pictured above sitting directly in front of me ). Then I saw this beautiful Pothos at Home Depot and took it home. After that I fell in love and had to get more. I’m even having thoughts of starting a garden. Taking care of my plants is so calming to me. Learning new thing is calming and rewarding to me. It feeds my soul and it continues to stimulate my mind.

  • Music & Dance:

I have a few things that brings me joy. I tapped into all of them during this time. Creating had it’s on and off days. Music is what really helps me with how I’m feeling, it always uplifts me. The music then turns into me singing and dancing, which also makes me very happy. In the beginning of this post I shared with you all about dance school. It helped build my confidence and gave me a space where all things no longer matter while I’m getting it. What kind of music do you like to sing along to and dance to?

  • Getting Fresh Air:

Going outside even if it’s for the little while to get some Vitamin D and fresh air can make a difference. I like to go out and sit on the porch a few minutes a day. The kids also go outside and enjoy playing riding bikes, sprinkler fun, BBQing. The outdoor air along with social distancing can change your whole mood. Go Outside b breathe in the air (AWAY FROM OTHER ) LOL and try to embrace everything that’s going on.


3. Stay Away From Negativity



  • Limit Your Time On Social Media:

Im not Saying social media is negative. Why because you can curate your feed on what you want to see. I’m saying based on the climate of everything it can be overwhelming and can cause you to be put in a place mentally that is unhealthy. I limit my social media to 2 hrs a day. I will go on post engage for 30 min, post my stories , interact with others and get off. I most likely won’t get back on until the evening. It has helped me a lot. I’ve also been posting when I feel like it, not forcing much of anything these days. Do what you have to do to help you. If that means you unfollow folks that disturbs your peace, you do that. If you have to delete the app ; because you don’t want to be tempted to go on, then you do that. If you have to block folks for doing entirely too much on your post, you do that. I recently had to block a few people who came to my page to talk about my oldest daughter being too old for braids with beads. Mind you these people do not know me or my child. So how old do you think she is . The funny thing is if she would’ve had a style with added hair or something else , people would still judge. It’s easy for a lot of people to stay behind a scream and talk mess. More than half of them would never say the things they say to the persons face. I will never argue with another person about my life lol. So I hit that block button and keep it moving.That my friends is an example of protecting you at all cost.Β 

  • Stay Away From People That Drain You:

This may not be intentional, but people have a tendency to call others and bombard them with their issues. Sometimes it’s very beneficial for all of us to ask other how they are doing and if they are in a space to take on such things. Why you should do this , It will help keep your energy aligned with how you want it to be. That simple conversation can throw that off if you’re not ready to take on anyone less problems. Asking that can help the communication between both parties go better. Anything and anyone draining your energy and making you feel bad, has to be set aside. I won’t necessarily say removed, because that’s not always necessary unless its completely combative, and toxic.


I hope these topics help you get a handle on everything going on right now. May these things help you try and gain control of your life and the new environment a lot of us have to endure. All we can do at this point is share tips on how to cope, and keep uplifting one another.


8 thoughts on “3 Things To Do to Remain Whole During a Crazy 2020

  1. Love this post, these are some amazing tips! 2020 has been very overwhelming for me. I’ve thought about becoming a plant mom because they look so calming and beautiful on top of that. I’ve been journaling, taking breaks from social media, speaking positive affirmations, praying, and trying to keep my mental health in a positive space.


  2. love this! my peace is my garden. I love panting and growing food for my family to eat. Even though its hard work the reward is worth it. It give me time to myself without anyone bothering me.


  3. You truly spoke to me with this post. These tips truly helped put it in perspective for me. You are so relatible Tiff and thank you for sharing yourself and your thoughts with us. πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ–€


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