3 Tips On How to prepare for 2020-2021 school year


As a mom of 4 , You have to know that after spring break I was like ok no more in school learning cool. But the real tea is  I have a high schooler (9th grade), Middle Schooler (8th grader), and two elementary schoolers (5th grader and kindergartener). So I’ve been mentally preparing for the new school year. The honest truth is I knew from my experience as a health care worker, and how the government was handling the pandemic; that we will be doing this again. With that being said,  having a middle schooler and high schooler comes with multiple teachers about 8 to be exact for each kid so that will be 16 teachers to keep up with . Along with my 5th grader that may have 3 teachers and then my kindergartener which will need a lot of hands on learning. This mama can start pulling her hair out or start planning for a successful school year. So this blog will be about how we are preparing at home for distant learning. I will be including items that I’ve found that can help and that are affordable. Lets keep reading ………



How Do I Mentally Prepare My Kids For Distant Learning:

I literally been talking to myself saying that we are not actually teaching the kids. We are making sure that they are doing what they are suppose too. The lesson plans are still being made from the teachers and schools curriculum. However, if you are a parent who works in the day away from home, I can see how this can be a struggle. I work nights for those who do not know I’m a night shift Nurse that makes my own schedule. I started working my job like this since becoming a Nurse. I like to be very present with my children especially with school. I work very closely on the regular with their teachers so they can have the best outcome. With that being said I plan on working on the weekends so I’m a 100% present during the day. Making my schedule as a content creator around their learning. The older do really great with independent learning. So the only one that I have to make sure is actively learning is, Joseph my 5 year old that is a burst of energy. I’ve been making them do school work for an hr a day so they are already kind of use to it. I also plan on making them go to sleep at a certain time, so it’s not a shock when they start school. Dealing with exhausted kids will just add to your struggle. What can help you with easing your mind is making sure you receive each teachers email address and phone numbers. Make an excel sheet with all their names and subject they teach. You can also add at the top of your list what child this sheet is for. sending weekly text about your Childs progress and letting the teachers know that if needed can they provide a tutoring session. We are still treating this like if they were in school. Let’s not forget a lot of praying because you can have a whole plan and God may say something different. Pray and ask for guidance as you make your list.I’m not even being funny. I typically Pray for everything I work on and potentially will work on. I want it to be of God. I want peace from it not confusion. I hope this helps some as for my working parents. all I can say is what I would do , having to make the difficult decision between choosing your Childs safety and keeping a roof over your heads is beyond me . So I’m praying for you all and your decisions. I’m also praying for each child entering the school .




Essential Products Needed For Distant Learning:

I chose these items based on my children needs. they can’t all be in the same room learning. They all have to be on google meets with different classrooms. So I decided to make sure each of their learning spaces was specifically made for them. I started by researching affordable items. Also there’s a huge plus in this , COLLEGE DORM SALES!!!!!!! Yay lol I went on my trusty amazon prime website and began purchasing . I need it to be comfortable and have them sitting up, because they tried it last year trying to learn from their beds. So below are my essential items for school.





I bought 3 desk from amazon and had my husband put them all together. This will give them the space to organize and provide a space where they have room to learn. They will be a way from their other siblings and can have their google meets and complete their other assignments. This desk was $48 and for that price it’s very very sturdy, and the perfect size. The price since I bought it went up a few dollars. You can find this desk linked in my amazon store. https://www.amazon.com/shop/tiff_of_all_trades


Desk Chair:

I decided opting for a swivel desk chair from Ikea. I wanted something comfortable, but not too comfortable. I need them to stay awake. This chair has a high enough back for back support.

Regular School Items:

Pens, pencils, crayons, water color paint, construction paper, looseleaf paper, thesaurus, dictionary, planner, calendar, fixing my sons Microsoft surface screen and hot spots from the school. Because my internet was on overload with all of them trying to zoom and do google meet at the same time.

Outdoor Games:

We already have a basketball hoop on our driveway, I’m incorporating more bikes for family bike rides, starting a garden will be part of their curriculum and finding more outdoor and indoor educational games and movies to help with the hours they are not learning.


How Will I Keep Food In My House:

Now this is the section y’all have all been waiting on right?!?! So I’m at the point of my quarantine (should I call it that I still out for work), well the kids quarantine where I’m not going to the store twice a week. I’m back to going food shopping every two weeks. If you haven’t already get you a wholesale membership card. Depending on where you live you have these choices : Sam’s Club, Costcos, BJS and I’m sure there’s more. You can get products that are bigger and cost less. It will also last you longer (I’m talking a month or more). I typically stock up on Bread, Milk, Fruit, Mixed Nuts, Snack , Bottled Water, Frozen foods and canned veggies. I head to another local supermarket for everything else I need . I typically keep it simple with lunch choices:

  • Salad with left over meat and crutons
  • Chicken Nuggets and French fries (air fried )
  • Hamburger or Cheesrburger w/ side salad
  • Pasta w/ chicken
  • Smoothie and PB&J
  • sandwich w/ a bag chips
  • soup and crackers/ grilled cheese
  • hot dogs w/ beans
  • tuna fish
  • homemade lunchables with cold cuts and crackers

Food Pantries and I’m pretty sure the schools will provide lunch for pick up weekly or even daily. This may help for those trying to remain on a budget. This may be the most difficult part. What scares me is that most kids only get a full meal at school. If this is not provided like a meals on wheels , we may see an increase in the amount of malnourished children.

Hopefully these tips and some of the things I’ve done help you make some great choices for you and your family . Tell me what you’ve done to prepare ? Because I think all tips will be great to talk about.

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