5 Apps That Will Help Your Kindergartener With Remote Learning

Remote Learning pshhhhhhh…… That’s all I have for y’all. Although we have a schedule that’s working for my 4 children, some days it still gets a little hectic. If I don’t wake up at least an hour before my kids, all hell breaks loose. I ‘m rushing, tripping over things, let’s just say my anxiety be just all over the place. Since some kids have transitioned back to school (not mine) the schedule has been changing almost consistently. Joeys class goes online for google meets for 1 hr in the morning and 1hr in the afternoon now. In between that we are doing classwork.

Math counting and number recognition assignments

Reading and sight words (word endings)

Practice Handwriting

Science assignments

Life Around Us

We have also been using apps that make it fun for Joseph to learn these concepts. Below I will tell you each app and how it has assist Joey in his learning process. When we are finished with Google Meets & his assignments, I have him play a game on each app after his designated breaks. I feel like he’s been retaining more information since I started this process.

Our Most Used Apps:


This is our number one app of choice. I actually started Joey on it last year. He loves it and its great for Pre-K to -1st Garders in my opinion. It has reading, Math games, word play games and different activities dealing with science. He loves that it’s personalized. Every time he opens the app it welcomes him back by name, that always puts a smile on his face.

ABC Mouse is an educational website and app for children ages 2-7. It works as a monthly subscription with a great free trial period to ensure you like the product before you pay for it. We always love to try new apps before we buy it.

Your child will follow their learning path within each land. Each and every lesson builds up towards the next few lesson. To proceed to the next level your child has to master certain skills first. This ensures that they don’t mistakenly move forward to new concepts until they are ready.

Your child will begin by doing an assessment like a benchmark test to see what level your child is already on. Many of the tests will need parental assistant. Don’t cheat or help your child at this point. This part is designed to let the computer know where your child stands. Their results here will determine which lesson they begin at and what they need to learn. This is great because if the child is on a lower level , your child may get bored with the activities. Children love to be challenged. At the same time though, if your child is placed at a level that is way above their current knowledge, then learning will become frustrating. You want them to be placed somewhere in the middle… where there are facts that they know or letters that they can already recognize mixed in with some letters that they do not know yet. That is the best kind of challenge.

2. Khan Academy Kids:

Khan Academy Kids is another app we use daily . Even the older kids use it to help them in their educational studies.

Just like the curriculum for for K-12 students, Khan Academy Kids is a free educational mobile app created for young children.

The app is focused on learning as a whole and has core subjects like early literacy, reading, writing, language, math, music, and arts. Its activities highlight the creativity and social-emotional skill-building.

Fun and charming characters guide kids throughout different activities and stories. Its original interactive content is very engaging even for young kids. Khan Academy Kids have activities, books, animated videos, games, and creative lessons that are tailored by experts for early childhood education (2 years old to 7 years old) that captivates children’s attention. 

The app is a collaboration of Khan Academy Kids learning experts from Stanford and the materials are combined with the Common Core Standards and Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework.

Khan Academy also has an extremely extensive library. It offers a lot more than ABC Mouse since it’s target audience is K-12 and more than substantial learning materials for the different topics, something that parents hugely appreciate as well. 

Im shocked with the level of quality you get from Khan Academy for free, you also get with Khan Academy Kids – I also love that you won’t see any ads pop up during their learning activities. It is why parents trust the Khan Academy apps as a learning partner in their kids’ learning journey.

3. Splash Learning:

Splash Math (ages 5 – 10) is a comprehensive app that covers many topics. It’s fun and interactive, and allows for math practice at a pace that is geared to Childs learning style. Topics covered are addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, time, money, fractions, decimals, and much more. It also teaches your child new ways to tackle math problems with Math Appeala rhyme-filled, visually engaging book that’ll teach him/her four new principles he/she can use on any math problem he/she encounters. My kindergartener is only using the addition, subtraction, and money sections at this moment. Once he has mastered these sections we will move on to more difficult learning in these sections.

I do believe in learning at a Childs pace. If your child has mastered anything, I believe it’s imperative that you continue to teach them new things. Keeping their mind stimulated at this age is crucial. They learn easier and soak up so much knowledge at this young age. I hope this post gives you some ideas on some learning apps that you incorporate with learning and play. I know that it keeps Joey busy as well as helps him learn. That’s a win for us parents. What are some apps that you have been using? You can discuss them down below to help other parents out.

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