Setting Intentional Goals for the new year

Happy New Year Everyone. I hope you all had an amazing Holiday. We are now in 2021 what does that mean to you? For me it means it’s another year to be a better me in all aspects of my life. I am now a full time Entrepreneur so what this means to me is that I have to make sure I’m working for the life that I want. I want us to make Goals some that scare us and some that are minor upgrades to goals we have already accomplished.

I honestly wanted this post up before the New Year. However, what I have learned during this journey , was that burnout is real. I create when I’m in a great headspace. My energy can carry into others, so I’m very cognizant of that. I worked and researched really hard last year and ended my year on an extreme high note. I’m a huge believer if it doesn’t scare me I’m not aiming high enough. So with that being said I’m going to show you how I plan my goals for the year or monthly. 2020 I honestly was setting goals monthly and it worked out amazing for me. So here we go!

1. Brainstorm What You Want To Achieve:

I like to sit down in peace and quiet. I start to think to myself what do I want out of this life I’m living ?

What can I do to better my life and my families life?

How Much Money do I want to make?

What am I willing to show people?

How many other businesses do I want to start?

what companies do I want to work with that genuinely love?

what do I need to work on to achieve these goals?

I truly think these questions are huge for me! Why you might ask? Because I need to know how I’m going to get to those levels. I’m the type of person who needs to see it on paper and it needs to make sense. Of course there will be bumps in the road. I pray over my goals, ask God for discernment and then I start my next step, Taking them goals and turning them to action.

2. Actionable Goals:

Take what you brainstormed about and start to write down how you plan on making it happen.

for example I want to buy house : I need to work on my credit and lower my debt to income ratio. So that means I need to pay more only student loans so that more is being applied to the principal rate. This will help lower that debt and will give me better terms on my home loan.

Content creation ex: I want to work with brands like Arm & Hammer and other household goods. I need to start posting more of that on my page. Sets up shoot with household items a nice lounge set and I take a picture of me cleaning or doing the laundry.

We have to take charge for what we want and have to plan what action we will take to get there. We can’t manifest or pray without putting in the work. Hard and intentional work pays off. I hope these examples helped. You are basically making somewhat of blueprint to help guide you on that journey.

3. Analyze Your Goals:

This is the step that matters the most. Is the blueprint working? Or does it need some tweaking ? Last year I did a lot of reflecting, was things sitting right with me? Was it working in my favor or against me? We have to be real with ourselves and make minor changes at times. Its usually not a huge change more so minor details that needs to be implemented. I will provide an example below:

EX 1: Paying my student loans I didn’t go high enough so that more goes to the principal. After taking a look at my credit report the balance didn’t really move. Go back to the drawing table and research how I can make this work. End results made the payments 30% higher. It started to make a dent in the balance.

Ex2: My lifestyle images I started making still wasn’t getting me the partnerships I wanted. I had to readjust how I was taking the picture, better lighting, better angles, include the kids, make sure my editing is on point . Results: the lifestyle companies are now entertaining my pitches.

I hope this helps you stay aligned in your goals and teaches you how to make minor tweaks. Auditing how your plan is working is huge in the success of any business or journey you are going on. This also can be something you do in your actual life. If you have goals for fitness, spiritual, or even eating healthy. These steps can help you become aligned with the goals you set out for yourself.

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