Top 5 Things You need To know before pitching brands

I’m back with some influencer tips. I plan on dropping some knowledge on the blog more this year. I also plan to have free workshops and other beneficial products. So until then I thought I would supply you all with 5 things you need to know before pitching brands for paid partnerships. Below you will find some tips I give my coaching members. Of course I go into great details and even help them with effective negotiating techniques.

Contact Information

I know we all want to get to the money, However we have to make sure we are doing things strategically. What I hate most is not optimizing my time. So I’m going to list some ways you can find your email contact for brands you would like to work with . The position of the person you need to be looking up is Influencer marketing Director, Influencer Management, Social Media Manager, Marketing Director.

  • Clearbit : Is an extension used on Google Chrome to find contact leads and it provides email information as well as contact name. They have a free trial and different packages based on what you want available to you.
  • RocketReachco: This is my favorite one I have been a blessed to find several email contacts for brands. It provides multiple emails usually one of the emails eventually works.
  • Linked In: I have used linked in for contacts sometimes I go on there first to get exact contact name and then I search the contact and brand name in rocket reach. This method has worked wonders for me.
  • Findthatlead: if you have business email tis works great. I have set up a business email for myself and use that. you can also use emails from universities.
  • Gives you the exact name of the contact person you may lie looking for in whatever industry you’re in.

What Are You Providing The Brand:

  • Brand Awareness: Is this a new brand that needs more exposure and awareness to their niche or community.
  • Conversion: Brands that are usually known to the general public. They want to convert sales more than brand awareness. Can you supply conversion rates. Can you show that when you put a swipe up link people swipe up. If you have affiliates (ex amazon store) can you show that people purchase what you are showing them.
  • Click Rates; Website clicks and swipe ups consist of data that can show

Research The Brand:

Before pitching you should also research the brand. Do not just reach out to the brand because you love their products. As creator/influencers/bloggers whatever you call yourself your word is bond. Research the brand on these keys points below:

  • Look at their targeted demographics
  • What is their aesthetics
  • Have They been in any scandals
  • Affordability (ask your supporters what they are willing to spend on products )
  • Are they diverse
  • what are they lacking on their feeds ( reels, videos, static images, flat lays, carousels, stop motion)

What Kind Of Content Can You Provide:

When making content for your brand organically, or making content for a paid partnership never change what you bring to the table. I’m basically saying I shouldn’t be able to tell the difference from my organic content vs paid partnership. Treat your brand as a brand so companies know what to expect from you. Most business loves to do business with other business owner. Your response from the company will be based on your portfolio (instagram) and how you pitch. Make your pitch personable , but also make it clear that you know what you’re talking about. Make sure you can give data to back up what you’re asking for. So screen shots of your numbers and data on your media kit is major key. If your supporters love for example how you style your hair with accessories. You can show how previous post with accessories did astonishingly better than the ones with out accessories. Doing polls and asking your supporters if they rather see styles without accessories vs styles with accessories ( that’s considered data) you can share that with the brand. So if a brand was unsure about maybe doing this content, you just prove to them that they need to re-consider it (especially if they are a hair accessory brand). Look at how well certain content do on your page and pitch that option to the brand.

Establishing A Creative Concept:

Establishing a creative concept that aligns with your brand and tells your story. What do you talk about with your audience and how that product aligns with your life. You should be able to incorporate it into your story. With brand alignment, visuals that align with what you frequently post and telling your story. These things will really help with your engagements, increase trust within your audience and it will also eventually drive conversion. These are all the things you want to think of when creating your content. These are some question you should ask yourself before coming up with a concept:

  • How can I make this product look great
  • How can I show that this product works
  • How can I express that this product aligns with my life
  • how can I execute this content

These are literally the questions I ask myself before coming up with a concept and creative direction. Then I add my sauce ( my tiff sauce) my spice. Whatever you want to call it . My personality is fun, happy, and fierce at times. How can I add that to my content somehow. I hope that helps. If not we can have some dialogue at the bottom of this post where I can help you out some more.

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