Black Owned Handbags You Need To Try

I’ve been on a mission to try new brands especially black owned brands in more than the beauty and natural hair industry. I’ve always been stickler about supporting black owned brands. However, last year I vowed that I would be intentional with using every day products by black owned business. So as I try them and fall in love, I will also be sharing my finds with you. Two of the bags I’ve tried and one I want to try, but I still want to highlight it here. I love accessories so finding black owned brands with bomb designs and well made is huge.

1. Brandon Blackwood NYC

This Brandon Blackwood NYC bag just screams LUXURY!!!! I came across his page during the time we was elevating black voices and businesses. Which we haven’t stopped doing. I’m playing my par behind the scenes with brands and at the forefront. Ok, let me stay on topic. The first bag I saw through an ad was the end systemic racism bag. Then after that bag I seen the trunk bags. So that’s when I decided I need to purchase. I seen unboxing from people and it screamed luxury (tory Burch, Louis Vuitton, Gucci). When I use the word Luxury it doesn’t necessarily mean name brand or heavy logos. It means quality , made well, presented well, makes me happy. His bags are made of leather, although, he has some canvas and patent leather material bags. My first purchase was the baby blue mini port more. I love that it has straps so I can wear it as a crossbody bag. I also have the option to remove the straps and hold it like your favorite bougie auntie. Hey girl heyyyyyyyyy!!!! The price range is very affordable for the quality. the price range is from $150-$350. I’m sure that he will be sold in your high end store soon. The price of these bags will eventually go up. He was featured on Beyonce’s website, Cosmopolitain, and Essence to name a few. His bags are starting to sell out almost instantly. His restock date is March 12,2021 at 12 pm EST. He also will be dropping a new collection soon. My goal is to find quality black owned brands that compare to my lifestyle. So if I can go buy a Louis Vuitton bag I told myself I can invest in like 5 quality bags from this young man. I’m so happy I did, because the shipping time frame was basically instant. I also hear that he has great customer service as well. So if you are in the market of buying new bags go to his page and check it out.

2. Cise Store

Another brand Cise Store I seen an ad for on instagram. Instagram low key will have you go broke , if you not careful. I tried buying a bag a couple of months ago and they were sold out. I checked their site again in the beginning of February and low and behold the company had restocked. So I purchased the Protect Black People Black Matte Tote. This bag is a whole vibe, just know that when you go out with it you’re going to get stares lol. I wore this bag for the first time this weekend the whole look was just giving me NY vibes and honestly I wasn’t mad at that (NY born and raised). I paired this outfit with the Carmine Retro 6, a Nike crop sweater and my Spanx leggings. This was my weekend look as I shot content and ran errands. The bag is durable made of Vegan leather, has an added strap for comfort, and it can fit your whole life. The price range I do believe is affordable for its quality. It comes in a protect black people canvas bag (that you can use to store stuff in, or to protect the bag).

3. Teflar

Last but certainly not least is the Teflar bag that stays sold out. I haven’t had the chance to purchase one yet. However, it”s on my list of bags to purchase. Trying to get this bag is like going on the Nike app and trying to buy Jordans (UNSUCCESSFUL). They typically sell out in minutes as well. Their bag as made of soft leather and also includes a strap. They have mini bags, medium size and tote bags. Their bags also come in an assortment of colors. When I do get my hands on it I’ll provide a detailed instagram review.

I hope this helps you make a decision on what to try next from a black owned handbag company. if you have any questions or other suggestions of black owned handbag companies, please leave a comment. We all want to try new things to fall in love with. Thank you so much for reading and these suggestions are my opinion based on experience.

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