W Dallas Victory Park

Margarita kit Gifted

Why The W Dallas:

The W Dallas screams sophisticated Adult fun. My husband and I have been very intentional about spending time together and getting a way , even if it’s just for day or night. The W Dallas has many different room options. This is a perfect place to visit as couples and even friend trips. it is located in the center of Dallas . It’s right across the street from American Airlines Arena. There’s also a ton of restaurants surrounding the hotel.It’s easy to get to many go to places in Dallas. The hotel offers valet parking. When you first enter the decor screams luxury. There’s crystal chandeliers black marble floors with blue lights embedded in them. They have a bar and sit down dinning along with patio dining . So if you want to be distant there are options for that. The rooms are opened by electronic cards. I have been to a few top rated hotels in Dallas and so far this is my fave. I will be visiting more and writing reviews about them,. So please look out for that.

How Are The Rooms:

We stayed in their Extreme Wow Suite. the average stay for their rooms are any where from $279/night-$3,800/night. Our suite was priced at $3,800/night and would be great for multiple people staying over or a suite party. It’s a huge suite with two entrances and two bathrooms. It has a huge outdoor patio, a dinning room table, a sectional couch, a master bedroom. The hotel offers cots for extra people staying over. When you have these suites they do ask for the names of any visitors you will be having. I was really impressed with how clean the suite was. The bathroom was crystal clear. I could see my reflection in theta and sink. I felt comfortable enough to take a bath twice in both bathrooms because why not lol.The sheets and bedding was very clean as well no stains. Once entering the room they had sanitizing wipes. I loved that because I bring my own disinfectant wipes and lysol air freshener. I also like to bring my lysol fabric sanitizer. I spray the beds and couches with it. Basically , any thing that has fabric.There was two flat screen televisions, one in the living room and one in the master bedroom. There was more than enough towels as well. They had other amenities in a foil packaging that consisted of a tooth brush and toothpaste, exfoliating cloth, makeup wipes remover pads, mini sewing kit, manicure sets. I also love that the hygiene products were hypoallergenic and made with natural products and little to none fragrances. We always bring our own , however, these were so nice that I tried the soap and it was definitely non-stripping. There’s also a phone in the master bedroom to call for room service. Theres a pick of 8 other suites ranging in sizes and bed sizes. If you become a member the room rates are a bit cheaper.

How’s The Pool & Food:

The W Dallas has an Infinity Pool on the 17th floor that has the most amazing sky view of Dallas. The pool also has a bar area along with plenty of lounging seats and tables with seats.The pool is typically quiet in the morning up until noon. We checked out the pool before the crowd. It was so peaceful and quiet that’s when we was able to get some amazing pictures without so many people in or around it. So that’s my recommendation if you are here for a chill weekend go to the pool a little earlier. If you are in Dallas with your girls/ homeboys and want to turn out the pool party begins at around 3pm. That’s when the younger crowd makes their way to the pool and the DJ comes blasting that get live music. When I say it gets live, I mean it gets live techno, thongs and a whole bunch of fun lol. We stayed only for about 45 min danced in the pool together and people watched . There were men at the entrance that checks hotel guests name and give you a wrist band before you go in. It definitely gave club vibes. On that same floor is the Fitness room spacious with a lot of equipment and very clean. The spa is closed right now and they are in construction of making a restaurant. They do have room service up until 11pm and I love that they package all the food and beverages up. So that even the person who’s bringing it toy cannot cross contaminate it. They have two options for room service with two different menus. They have poultry, fish, appetizers, breakfast, cocktails, and desserts. We ordered room service the first night before bed because we was had dinner a little to early and was starving. their hot wings were undefeated perfect crisp to sauce ratio. Their Salmon with Arugula and sweet potatoes was slamming. hubby had their cheeseburger and loved it and I also had there steak burrito with seasoned fries. All very tasty. In all it was a wonderful weekend, where my husband and I laughed a lot, talked a lot and enjoyed each other. I highly recommend and if you are on a budget or traveling with kids I’ll have more options for you soon.

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