Fall Outfits For Women

When I think of fall fashion I think of layers, especially with living in Texas. It takes a while for the temperature to stay at a steady brisk level. So this is the best time to layer and play with your summer clothes, long sleeve shirts, and cardigans. If we are lucky the temp will be in the low 60’s when leaving the house in the morning and if that’s the case I have some solutions for you down below. I’m going to show you how you can work with what’s already in your closet from summer and perhaps last fall. If you don’t have any of those items , I will also show you where you can purchase them.

Layering Clothes In Fall:

This is my favorite part about this season. Some tops you can play with are turtlenecks, cardigans, vest, blazers, oversized sweaters, jean jackets, and leather jackets. Below I’m going to show you images of how you can layer your tops. Here are some ways you can mismatch and layer. On a breezy morning you can opt for short sleeve Tee and a long or short cardigan, especially if you know the temperature will go pretty high. This way you have the option to take off the cardigan so you are not overheated. Its flu season so layering is very important. I love blazers because it can make a simple outfit have so much more character. My favorite thing to do with blazers on the cusp of summer and fall is to pair it with my favorite shorts and a t-shirt. Depending on the outfit I may pair it with heels or sneakers. The vest and sweater is great for when you know it will be chilly most of the day , but not extremely cold.

Fall Must Have Bottoms:

So this fall and last fall the trends are pretty similar. I believe in getting staple pieces so you can play around with them more. High waist jeans , straight jeans, mom jeans, and flare jeans will never go out of style in my opinion. Well, maybe mom jeans , but IDK. Below I’m going to show you some bottoms that are in my closet as we speak. We can do faux leather pants, mini skirts, jeans and slacks all fall.

Putting Fall Looks Together:

Now with all of the suggestions up top this is where your personal style should have fun. You can really mix a lot of these together to come up with super cute styles. I’ll get to the dresses on another post as well as footwear. For right now we are worried about the basics. You can truly take a very basic minimal look and make it pop dependent upon how you accessorize it and what footwear you’re bringing to the table. So below I will show you how I pair just a few and below that collage I’ll show you some of my fall fashion from this year so far.

Below is some styles I put together with the tips that I have given you above.

I hope you love all of these ideas and looks. Be sure to follow me on Liketoknowit. That’s where you can find the links to these looks and shop ideas.

2 thoughts on “Fall Outfits For Women

  1. I love love your site. Only God know I need a lil help in the wardrobe department putting pirces together….and then I find you. Great ideas!


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