Sustainable Fashion To Try

I have to admit I have not been very conscious with the things that I use on the daily. I do recycle and donate clothing . I also have reusable straws, and sponges. But I said I would make a conscious effort on adding more to my everyday life. With that being said I have a bought a few items that are from the sustainable line of a few brands. Clothing wise I haven’t seen. many that were really cute or something I would actually wear. My first sustainable fashion purchase was from NIKE. Check out some pieces I’ve found for a great price. Because you know I love to save some money.

Sustainable Sneakers:

  • Nike Crater Impact Women Shoes: I found them on the Nike app and feel in love with their design and the overall look. It wasn’t until I read the description box that I learned that they were sustainable sneakers. I purchase them so fast and have not looked back. I’ve worn them on a daily and to exercise. They are super comfortable and they look cute with many outfits. I would definitely make another purchase in a different color.
  • Nike Space Hippie 04: Is very similar to the crater above but with added little twang to it. I love the way the sneakers lace up and the assorted color patterns. This sneaker is also very comfortable and can be rocked with several looks . Add a blazer and some mom jeans with a plain, or graphic tee and your purse. Girl you got yourself a cute casual look. Wear them with athleisure and even dresses and skirts.

Sustainable Clothing:

Now this is the part I love the most! I’ve found a few pieces from 2 stores that I’m in love with . Both stores recently launched their Sustainable lines. Forever 21 partnered with Pantone to come out with such a lush loungewear line. when I say I’m obsessed I’m not lying. One being that I haven’t really shopped at this store for myself in YEARS!! Because honestly I’m not forever 21. The items was not fitting your girl in the way I would have liked. I went in the store once finding about this line from Jazmyn Anderson ( check out her page). I went in the fitting room and fell in love. The shirt fit nice and the leggings was serving the people Body Honey. The ribbed line, soft texture, and stretch these leggings give makes them a top 5 immediately. Mind you I have many leggings from many brands. I purchased the shorts, high rises leggings, short sleeve top and long sleeve top in brown. I also purchased the brown puffer vest, because why not. Online they are currently having a sale on the tops ( don’t walk, RUN). and a 20% off promo code depending on how much you spend. I also placed an order on the short sleeve and long sleeve top, and high rise leggings in Grey. I A’m highly thinking of getting the purple one too. Why might you ask , because I live for cute and comfortable loungewear looks. I have washed the shorts and top and the fabric was still giving no lint after taking them out the dryer. My youngest daughter who is a small can fit the medium without it looking super baggy. To check out and purchase this look head to my LikeToKnowit.

I’m also really liking the conscious line from H&M while both lines were not 100% sustainable or eco friendly. What they are saying is this line is more sustainable than the fast fashion retailer usually provides. heir products contain at least 50% recycled material, they can only use a maximum of 20% of cotton. Just know that they aren’t 100% but it’s nice to see they are trying to have an option in the store. With that being said I’ve seen 2 sets that I absolutely love from this line. This line can be identified in the store with their green eco friendly tags. Apparently they have a long way to go after reading more on this line. However, it’s a great step in the right direction. I am however going to try more brands that are sustainable.

Do you shop items for everyday wear from sustainable and conscious clothing lines. If so share below where , because I know I love to see more and purchase some more. When I find more that I love. I will be showing it on here with my full review. Just know that my reviews will have the fabric, durability, how it fits, price range and how the products last after washing.

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