Holiday Gift Guide For Her

So I’m back with another gift guide because we are only a few weeks away from Holidays. I say holidays because everyone does not celebrate Christmas. Kwanza and Hannukah are right around the corner as well. So I put together a list of things that I have on my wishlist along with some from my IG family who answered some polls in my stories. I have an assortment of different items from purses, jewelry, loungewear, coffee machines, fragrances, gift cards, staycation or vacations. the possibilities are endless over here. So happy shopping all items will be linked here at my Liketoknowit profile.


This one is on my list for sure. I recently purchased myself the Black leather Gucci belt. Now I definitely want the all black leather bag. So maybe Santa will be nice or maybe we will wait until we make some big moves next year. So this bag is on my wishlist I want it in medium. Shop it here.

  • This is another item that I’ve been wanting. I splurge every now and then on luxury items. However if I can get it on sale that’s what I’ll do. I WILL WAIT FOR A SALE IN A HEARTBEAT! Skims have been having sales the last couple of weeks. I love their loungewear a lot. They recently launched the matching loungewear for families with Teyana Taylor, Iran Shumphert and their kids. They are definitely on my wishlist now. Shop it here
  • I also have been eyeing the Nespresso machine. I don’t drink coffee daily; However, When I do I want it to be luxury and strong. So when we move I definitely want to incorporate this in my kitchen gadgets. When we have dinner parties this would be a great touch with desserts. I know I’m getting older because all the kitchen gadgets make me so happy these days. It truly doesn’t take much lol. This machine is also linked in my liketoknowit. It’s actually on sale right now at Macys. Shop it here
  • Another item the girls have been dying to get. This is based on comments from Tok Tok and even from myself stories. Are an iPad and an Apple Stylus. I have a digital planner and sometimes I show it in my daily vlogs and I get the , I wish I had an IPAD at least once every time I showcase it. It comes in super handy. Shop it here
  • Another thing on the list that we cannot forget is jewelry and jewlery is a lot of girls best friends. I’ll have some options below along with some jewelry holders. I know if your lady is like me, then she needs a place for everything. Oma The Label is what’s on my list their jewelry is sophisticated, and they are black owned. You can find their items at Macys ( on sale now). Shop it here
  • Another item I will say to purchase for her is stock. Some good stock like Amazon. Especially if she’s looking for ways to save money or make money. This is a great option. I want to also say buying her an oz. of gold. She can save it and do what she wants with it. The truth is the price of gold is always going up. Another great gift will be a gift certificate to a spa day or nails or hair appointment by her favorite stylist. I have one more for you and all the mamas out here may really love this one. Book her a vacation or staycation so she can pour back into herself. After the holidays us mamas be running on fumes. I hope this guide helps someone make a decision on what to gift that special “her” in their life. If you have anymore idea leave a comment and help a fellow sister or brother out on an idea. Like always thank you so much for reading and do not forget to hit that subscribe button.

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