LUVME Hair Wig Review

I hope this New Year is off to a great start for all of you. I will be making many additions to my blog this year in terms of lifestyle, beauty, travel and fashion. So to kick off my first blog post of the year, we are trying something a little different. This is a sponsored blog from Luvme hair. However, just because it’s sponsored does not mean you will not get my honest review. This year is all about intentionality, convenience, and working towards some big goals. I will be looking to do fast cute styles, and even plan on doing many protective styles. My first protective (or low maintenance ) style that I’m trying is the headband wig by LUVME Hair. Below you will find picture of the packaging, and some of the items that came in the package. Also I will have pictures of the unit on me and my honest thoughts after wearing it for a few days and trying different tools on it.

What Kind Of Hair :

I chose to go with the headband wig for convenience. I suggest this type especially if you do not have to lay a laced wig. I actually do know how to lay a wig and plan on practicing the technique, so I can give myself other options. Shooting lifestyle content and hair content can become a lot . Taking care of your hair during the breaks is possible. I plan to do so by still keeping up with my regimen. Wash, condition, mask and styling with a cream . Ensuring your hair is moisturized underneath the wigs are important. I also do not believe in. making my braids too tight as well. Having tight braids often underneath your wigs can lead to tension alopecia. So in order to make the best out of your style the foundation still needs to be taken care of. Now lets get into what kind of hair I chose for this collar. I did go with straight hair since we are in silk press season ,and I haven’t pressed my real hair yet. The hair is called Straight Headband Wig it is 100% virgin hair , the length is 22 inches.

Quality Of Hair:

I love the quality of the hair. It is soft and has minimal to no shedding when detangling. You can dye the hair if needed . I put cornrows in my hair and laid my edges, prior to placing the wig. I also used my Chi flat iron to straighten the hair some more , using a heat protectant. the hair seem to take very well to the heat. I have also put mousse and braided the hair as well. The hair took well too many styles. I tried this hair out for a week. The break was so needed for my hair. I moisturized and applied some scalp oil after washing and conditioned my hair. I would definitely try more hair from this company. I so with that I had a bigger size. I have a pretty big head and it was a struggle putting it on. I will also say the bundles are very pretty and great quality, but I would’ve loved more density in my hair. I love volume and thickness to the hair. I think the wig could’ve use a few more tracks too make it more full. Besides that I’m in love and I can use it for when I’m not in the mood to do my hair.

Convenience Of A Headband Wig:

The best part of using this wig is the fact that it will not take you very long to install. Unlike a lakefront wig or frontals. You do not need any wig glue of Got 2 be Spray. All you really need to do is put on a wig cap over some braids, or twist. Do your edges or not and put on the wig. It takes about 2 minutes. Then you have an assortment of headbands to choose from to go with your outfit of choice. It’s beginner friendly and my youngest daughter (14) has already claimed the rights of using it. You can also style the wigs different ways. Some styles such as:

  • A High Ponytail
  • Half up/ Half down hairstyles
  • Wand Curls
  • Messy Bun

Just to name a few! This is my full and honest review on these said products. The pros are convenience, quality hair, little to no shedding, the branding and packaging is on point. The cons are the density, I would love for this particular wig to have had more tracks to make it more full. Other than that I am satisfied with the unit. I actually have a few more units on my list to try very soon. I plan in getting a few for my teen natural hair daughter, so they can switch up their styles. This would be great for them because they can put their hair away and still look Lit as they would say. If you’ve tried this brand feel free to chime in with your thoughts. Also let me know if this is something that you would try on yourself? Thank you for reading and I hope you took the time to browse LUVEME HAIR website.

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