My Natural Hair Journey

My natural hair journey did not  start on purpose. I actually was relaxing my hair twice a year in order for it be “manageable”.  One day I was in the bathroom relaxing my hair , my daughters sitting in there with me watching the whole time. My daughter turned to me and said, “Mommy I want that in my hair”. I began to explain to her that she did not need a relaxer that her hair is beautiful. My then 10-year-old daughter turned to me and said, ” Mommy do you think your hair isn’t beautiful, why do you get a relaxer?” I simply could not even answer the question. I told her you’re absolutely right and from this day forward I will not relax my hair anymore. I told myself that I will always be an example to my kids. 

Can I keep it real with y’all? I did not even believe myself when I told her that.  And although it was very difficult, because I started off transitioning , I stuck with it. I started with protective styles (Senegalese Twist, Box Braid, Feed in Braid, and Wigs) were my go to styles. I finally said after my big chop it’s time to figure out this hair of mine. That’s when I started buying product after product to see what will work. After many failed attempts, product build up and my frustration building. I found a product line by chance on Instagram, they were not sold in stores yet. I put in Yandy Smiths discount code and from that day forward until the beginning of 2018 Mielle Organics was the only products I used even down to their vitamins. My hair grew so fast. But I still wanted to try out different products.

Moving forward to today I have learned a lot about my hair. I learned what my hair like, what type of technique works for me, and established a regimen that changes very often with the season. This year I’ve mastered my twist out, I mastered my moisture levels, and I’ve managed to master my protein-moisture balance. I’m still practicing a host of other styles. But just like anything in life practice makes perfect.